Monday, March 25, 2013

Watch the video from Ask This Old House TV Episode

Peter Somers did a fantastic job showing viewers the correct way to make concrete counter tops in  Episode #11-25 on Ask This Old House which was shown on most PBS stations across America last weekend.

Along with the homeowner, Corey Brett, Peter and show host, Kevin O'Connor demonstrated the steps involved in making custom concrete counter tops in a residential kitchen.  Peter used the GFRC spray technique and a custom mix design from scratch to produce a grey toned color and glass aggregate counter top.

This Old House production crew showcased the process involved, being careful not to skip necessary steps in the advanced process. From template to install this episode showed viewers many of the steps that are normally skipped through when filming a short TV episode.

Thank you to Peter, Corey, Kevin and the wonderful production crew and staff at Ask This Old House for spending the time to show viewers that making concrete counter tops takes skill, patience and the correct materials for success.

For more information on the products used in the episode and a from Scratch Mix recipe, visit our website

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