Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Concrete Conversations

DIY & Just Getting Started #1

The following is one of the most common questions we are asked by DIY-ers and anyone just getting started with Concrete Counter Tops.

1. What type of equipment & supplies do I need to make concrete countertops?

If this is your first attempt at making a concrete counter top there are some basic tools and supplies necessary to complete a simple designed top. Along with the following lists, a good size work area that is protected from the elements that has running water and electric is a must, along with ideal temperature range of 55-75 degrees.

Tools & Supplies needed for making your mold:
Table Saw 
Level (4 Foot or longer)
Tape measure
Melamine Board or laminate sheets
Screws ( we like the  1 5/8"  building screws)
Caulk ( we use black, it's easy to see)
Large level work table (big enough to hold your entire mold filled w/ concrete)

Tools & Supplies needed for mixing concrete:
Concrete Vibrator or palm sander
Mixer ( hand held unit for mixing 5 gallon bucket or rent a large mortar mixer)
Scales ( large bench type for heavy ingredients and a gram scale)
Plenty of 5 Gallon or larger buckets for measuring/mixing 
Plastic paint scraper
Rubber gloves
Eye protection
Dust mask

Tools & Supplies needed for Polishing Concrete:
Electric or Pneumatic Polisher or angle grinder (wet polishing is best)
Diamond polishing pads to fit polisher
Diamond hand pads
Apron, Rubber Gloves and Boots for wet polishing
Polishing carts or Saw Horses 

Supplies for Slurry/Grouting and Sealing cured Concrete:
Small plastic bucket/bowls
Bondo Scraper or plastic putty knife
Mixing sticks 
Sponges and applicators for sealers