Friday, May 24, 2013

May GFRC Basics Class

Successful 2 day class last May on GFRC basics. We had a small group that had plenty of hands on time creating an integral sink countertop project, vanity sink, and this great outdoor 30" firebowl with 18" round Fire-burner mounted to a 48" square tabletop.  Our Guest Trainer Dave Magnano, shown in picture at far left, flew in from Conneticut and demonstrated GFRC tips for professionals.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Watch the video from Ask This Old House TV Episode

Peter Somers did a fantastic job showing viewers the correct way to make concrete counter tops in  Episode #11-25 on Ask This Old House which was shown on most PBS stations across America last weekend.

Along with the homeowner, Corey Brett, Peter and show host, Kevin O'Connor demonstrated the steps involved in making custom concrete counter tops in a residential kitchen.  Peter used the GFRC spray technique and a custom mix design from scratch to produce a grey toned color and glass aggregate counter top.

This Old House production crew showcased the process involved, being careful not to skip necessary steps in the advanced process. From template to install this episode showed viewers many of the steps that are normally skipped through when filming a short TV episode.

Thank you to Peter, Corey, Kevin and the wonderful production crew and staff at Ask This Old House for spending the time to show viewers that making concrete counter tops takes skill, patience and the correct materials for success.

For more information on the products used in the episode and a from Scratch Mix recipe, visit our website

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Concrete Project featured on Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House episode 

begins airing March 21st

Peter Somers owner of Concrete Poetry uses Fishstone products in a Concrete counter top kitchen project in Massachuttes.  Peter shown with cast and crew designs a concrete countertop to replace wood counter tops in a customer's home.

Peter templates and designs counter top to precast a custom concrete mix in molds on site.

A custom GFRC mix and Hopper Gun is used to Spray the concrete into the molds.

Peter uses a Flex Wet Polisher and Planetary Polisher to produce a smooth and polished surface.

 Peter Somers shown with This Old House host, Kevin O'Connor at Project Taping.

Photos provided by Cory Brett

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Specials & New Products

Hot March Special now available on the 7" Extreme Duty Wet Polisher bundle and $20.00 off the Optimum 380 Super Plasticizer 5 Gallon Bucket..................check it out below.

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Start the season off right with a new Collomix XO series professional hand mixer. The X06 is the perfect size for your GFRC projects and is easy to use when you have the Mixing assistant. Save your back and let the station work for you. You can preorder these great units which become available to ship in April. Collomix units are European made and built to last.  All models come with a TWO year Manufacturer's warranty.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peter Somers featured on Ask this Old House using Fishstone Products

We are pleased to announce a long time customer/contractor Peter Somers of Concrete Poetry in Massachusetts was featured on Ask This Old House using Fishstone products. The episode is airing the third week of March with Peter completing a concrete counter-top Kitchen project.


Ask This Old House - Episode 1125

Peter has been a longtime customer at Fishstone and successful producer of high quality concrete countertops, furniture, outdoor and commercial projects in the northeast for many years. Shown below in some photos from Peter's work shop in Braintree, MA along with some of his featured projects over the years, Peter has developed a successful business in the New England area as a top notch artist and craftsman. Peter was contacted by a This Old House and a homeowner in the Northeast several months ago to complete a Concrete Countertop Kitchen which would be featured on an episode of Ask This Old House and in turn contacted us to help provide products for the featured project. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


February Special

Our February special is out. Receive a FREE 50 LB bag of ALTO-POZZ (value $49.50) when you buy two 5 Gallon pails of Forton VF774 Polymer. On Sale this month, limit of 3 Free ALTO-POZZ per customer.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Concrete Conversations

DIY & Just Getting Started #1

The following is one of the most common questions we are asked by DIY-ers and anyone just getting started with Concrete Counter Tops.

1. What type of equipment & supplies do I need to make concrete countertops?

If this is your first attempt at making a concrete counter top there are some basic tools and supplies necessary to complete a simple designed top. Along with the following lists, a good size work area that is protected from the elements that has running water and electric is a must, along with ideal temperature range of 55-75 degrees.

Tools & Supplies needed for making your mold:
Table Saw 
Level (4 Foot or longer)
Tape measure
Melamine Board or laminate sheets
Screws ( we like the  1 5/8"  building screws)
Caulk ( we use black, it's easy to see)
Large level work table (big enough to hold your entire mold filled w/ concrete)

Tools & Supplies needed for mixing concrete:
Concrete Vibrator or palm sander
Mixer ( hand held unit for mixing 5 gallon bucket or rent a large mortar mixer)
Scales ( large bench type for heavy ingredients and a gram scale)
Plenty of 5 Gallon or larger buckets for measuring/mixing 
Plastic paint scraper
Rubber gloves
Eye protection
Dust mask

Tools & Supplies needed for Polishing Concrete:
Electric or Pneumatic Polisher or angle grinder (wet polishing is best)
Diamond polishing pads to fit polisher
Diamond hand pads
Apron, Rubber Gloves and Boots for wet polishing
Polishing carts or Saw Horses 

Supplies for Slurry/Grouting and Sealing cured Concrete:
Small plastic bucket/bowls
Bondo Scraper or plastic putty knife
Mixing sticks 
Sponges and applicators for sealers